Eagle precision llc quality parts inspections


Large or small lots, large or small parts, if you have a sorting problem, we can solve it. And we often save time by sorting mechanically.


We can audit for bent and damaged parts, height, length, out of round conditions, as well as ID. and OD., delamination, slivers, cracks, etc.

We inspect the products, providing you with detailed data, graph and ppm results, while keeping total control over lot integrity. With the power of Mantis magnification our staff can detect the smallest defect during parts inspection.

Eagle Precision LLC has been in business since 1996. Over the years we have always looked for new and innovative methods to improve on our accuracy and efficiency with continuous training, to maintain and exceed our customer's satisfaction and our company growth.

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Eagle precision llcPackaging

Assembly & Packaging

We accept assemblies and parts packaging in large or small quantities, welcoming long term contracts reducing costs through volume.

Eagle Precision LLC provides manual, labor intensive packaging, labeling, and Products assembly to meet our customer's specifications and requirements.